Ensuring patient safety

Healthcare facilities are responsible for the safety of their patients. For example, it’s important to lock doors that open directly onto the outside, to avoid accidents or runaways. Centralized management using the UGCIS (Centralised Emergency Exit Management Unit) system enables you to view the status of the operated safety devices (DAS)  locks remotely, and ensure that doors are closed properly. Door openers (DDO) can be used to alert nursing staff by sounding an audible alarm in the event of an escape attempt.

Preventing the theft of babies from a maternity hospital

In the case of a maternity hospital, locking emergency exits helps prevent baby theft. Malicious persons could be tempted to escape discreetly via the emergency exits.

Managing a crisis on a sensitive site

Depending on the level of security required, the site can be made more or less hermetic. In the case of centralized exit management using the UGCIS (Centralised Emergency Exit Management Unit) system, all external exits can be blocked. For example, in a crisis situation (attack, demonstration) at a sensitive site, centralized management can block all exits to prevent offenders from entering the building.